The Vanguard conference is a gathering of rising urban innovators working to make change in cities. Designed to bring together professionals working across disciplines and sectors, each Vanguard class includes policymakers and politicians, architects and urban planners, artists and mediamakers, all selected through a competitive application process. After more than a decade of Vanguard conferences, the Vanguards number more than 400. Learn more about Vanguards past and present on this page, where you can search for Vanguards and Vanguard alumni by discipline, geographic area and more. Find your next collaborator or just learn about these rising leaders.

  • Edith Abeyta

    Braddock, PA

    Edith Abeyta is a visual artist living in North Braddock, Pennsylvania. Her current practice is centered around people, identity and negotiating relationships with the built environment. She has been collaborating with residents in the Pittsburgh neighborhood of Hazelwood since 2014. Together they founded and implement Arts Excursions Unlimited.

  • Carlee Alm-LaBar

    United Way of Acadiana
    Lafayette, LA

    Carlee Alm-LaBar was recently appointed President/CEO of United Way of Acadiana following a second-place finish for Mayor-President of Lafayette Parish. Returning to the nonprofit sector, she will leverage her previous roles in the public and private sector to bring community solutions to complex problems, particularly in the wake of COVID-19.

  • Camille Applewhite,  PLA, ASLA

    Project Manager,     In-House consultant to Chicago Dept of Transportation (CDOT)
    Chicago, IL

    With almost 8 years of professional experience, Camille has worked in planning offices as well as private landscape architecture firms. As the co-founder of BlackSpace Chicago and chair of the ILASLA Service committee she enjoys spending her time collaborating and advocating.

  • Mike Barsotti

    Director of External Relations at the Philadelphia Youth Sports Collaborative
    Philadelphia, PA

    Mike Barsotti is the Member Services and Outreach Manager for the Philadelphia Youth Sports Collaborative, leading programming for sports-based youth development nonprofits and outreach to support the growth of the SBYD ecosystem.

    A Philly native, Mike played professional baseball and worked in politics and government before joining the nonprofit sector.

  • Brian Bonanno

    City of Albuquerque | Planning Department | Urban Design and Development Division
    Albuquerque, NM

    Brian is a community development and sustainability professional with more than 12 years of experience working alongside neighborhood stakeholders to build relationships and strengthen communities.
    Brian adapts community development strategies to build upon existing assets and reflect the needs and experiences of residents. He emphasizes public art, food, culture and community gathering opportunities that allow people to interact, engage, and contribute to a greater sense of community ownership, pride, health, and wellbeing.

  • Ivory Rose Chambeshi

    Director of Neighborhood Initiatives, Watts Rising Collaborative, Office of Mayor Eric Garcetti
    Los Angeles, CA

    Ivory is a South Central L.A. native and equity-focused urban planner. She serves as Director of Neighborhood Initiatives for Watts Rising, a place-based, sustainable community development initiative currently implementing State and Federal community transformation grants, and anti-displacement programs, in concert with the $1B Jordan Downs public housing redevelopment. Ivory has a passion for animating the genius and promise of Black and Brown people in community design, and hopes to cultivate environments of opportunity for children like her two daughters, whom she is blessed to mother.

  • Allan Co

    Hester Street
    New York City, NY

    Allan is a licensed architect and Senior Project Manager at Hester Street, an urban planning, design and development nonprofit that works to ensure neighborhoods are shaped by the people who live in them. Allan’s career has centered on delivering community development projects that focus on racial and economic inequality through affordable housing and community planning. His work leverages inclusive community engagement to drive local buy-in, meeting design and development goals through best practices and innovation in architecture and construction management.

  • Aldea Coleman

    NC Department of Transportation
    Raleigh, NC

    As the Policy Director for North Carolina’s Department of Transportation, Aldea is responsible for improving strategic transportation policies within the agency. She has 18+ years of experience in urban planning policy and legislation, leadership capacity building, community organizing and non-traditional outreach initiatives. She holds her master’s in Geography from UNC at Charlotte and bachelor’s in Environmental Science from NC A&T State University.

  • Samir Dalal

    Pennsylvania Horticultural Society
    Philadelphia, PA

    Growing up loving nature and the power of a united community, Samir has shaped his career as an urban planner that focuses on the relationship between our physical environment, health, and community empowerment. Samir currently works as the Planning Manager for the Philadelphia LandCare Program with PHS, helping to turn vacant lots into community assets.

  • Desi Danganan

    Kultivate Labs
    San Francisco, CA

    As the managing director of Executive Director of Kultivate Labs, he has successfully grown businesses through strategic branding, design, and crowdfunding. As a dedicated community advocate, Desi is currently leading the strategy for the economic development of SOMA Pilipinas, a newly designated cultural district in San Francisco.

  • Brittney Drakeford

    Prince George’s County Planning Department
    Cottage City, MD

    Brittney Drakeford combines faith, arts, and technology to energize communities to create equitable places for generations today and tomorrow. Her practice centers on how the built environment holds memories of discrimination and how to leverage the intangible cultural heritage of the marginalized to advance shared leadership and collective action.

  • Theo Ellington

    The Salvation Army
    San Francisco, CA

    Director, Homeless Initiatives & Community Development for The Salvation Army. Former Public Affairs Director for the Golden State Warriors—spearheaded new arena organizing efforts. Former Commissioner City of SF, created over 1,000 affordable units. Notre Dame de Namur University, Bachelor’s in Political Science. University of San Francisco, Master’s in Urban Affairs.

  • Amber Elliott

    Community Solutions
    Hartford, CT

    Amber Elliott is the Community-based Improvement Advisor on the Built For Zero Team and the former Housing Director for the North Hartford Partnership, where she works to dismantle the system impediments that create the precursors to homelessness. She is a graduate of Howard University and University of Michigan Law.

  • Edward Faustin

    AreaProbe LLC
    New York, NY

    Edward is Co-Founder, Head of Strategy and Operations for AreaProbe, a tech-enabled research and advisory firm focused on housing and commercial real estate development in urban communities. Edward has over 14 years of professional experience in real estate finance, research and economic development.

  • Beau Frail

    Activate Architecture
    Brooklyn, NY

    Beau is the founder and Principal Architect of Activate Architecture, a design and community engagement firm that collaborates with communities, cities and clients to create socially engaged, sustainable, and beautiful spaces. Beau is passionate about equitable design and advancing equity, diversity and inclusion efforts, especially with the LGBTQIA+ community.

  • Nancy Gephart

    Shift Capital
    Philadelphia, PA

    Nancy is the Director of Development at Shift Capital, a social-impact real estate firm focused on making more inclusive and sustainable cities. She draws on her community development finance background and works across disciplines to activate blighted spaces and bring residential, commercial, industrial and mixed-use real estate projects to fruition.

  • Yonina Gray

    Reinvestment Fund
    Atlanta, GA

    Yonina Gray is a Chicago native with a passion for creatively connecting the dots. Ms. Gray is a mission-driven community development finance professional with a passion for upward mobility of low wealth people and places. She’s known for sourcing relationships that yield innovative solutions, strategic investments and strengthened communities.

  • Brandon Greene

    New Venture Fund (Oakland Civic Design Lab)
    Benicia, CA

    Brandon L. Greene manages the Oakland Civic Design Lab. Previously, he created and lead the decriminalization of poverty clinic at the East Bay Community Law Center. He’s a graduate of Boston University School of Law where he was a Public Interest Scholar and Martin Luther King Social Justice Fellow

  • Adelyn Hall

    Community Learning Center Institute
    Cincinnati, OH

    As the Director of School-Centered Neighborhood Development for the Community Learning Center Institute, Adelyn works to stabilize neighborhoods based on the model of school-centered community revitalization. Before joining CLCI, Hall graduated from the University of Cincinnati with her Master’s in Planning, as well as served in the Peace Corps.

  • Emma Haney

    Greensboro, NC

    Emma is a community developer based in Greensboro, NC. In her current role she’s leading the redevelopment of a 45-acre historic textile mill community. Her interests lie in repurposing spaces and creating places — through preservation, development, DIY urbanism, and authentic community engagement.

  • Natalia Hernandez

    Harbor District, Inc. (HDI)
    Milwaukee, WI

    Natalia Hernández is a native to the city of Milwaukee who works for Harbor District, Inc., an organization whose mission is to revitalize Milwaukee’s inner harbor. As Outreach Specialist, her role is to inform and engage nearby residents, community members, and other stakeholders in the development of the Harbor District.

  • Jerrianne Jackson

    Boston, MA

    Jerrianne works to cultivate and build relationships within Interise’s vast network of small businesses, instructors, program managers, alumni and anchor institutions to increase mission impact. She believes in the spirit of entrepreneurship and is a strong supporter of creating vibrant and energized small business ecosystems.

  • Maxwell Lee

    Content Creator
    Miami, FL

    As a FIRE alum, Maxwell spends his days pursuing wide-ranging interests including urban advocacy and sustainability. With a professional background that spans the music, nonprofit and real estate industries, Maxwell is particularly passionate about discovering artistic and startup communities in cities across the globe, as well as access to affordable housing and transportation.

  • Sam Leichtling

    City Planning Manager, City of Milwaukee’s Department of City Development
    Milwaukee, WI

    Sam Leichtling is the City Planning Manager for the City of Milwaukee’s Department of City Development. Sam is a Milwaukee native who has worked at the City of Milwaukee for more than a decade and served in leadership roles in strategic and neighborhood planning and affordable housing development.

  • Tim Leisman

    Freelance Program Evaluator and Facilitator
    Greensboro, NC

    Tim Leisman is an organizer with Code for Greensboro and a civic entrepreneur focused on building new systems of engagement and community sustainability. He is a civic tech enthusiast, designer of equitable learning solutions, community organizer, and graduate of Guilford College and UNC Greensboro’s MPA program.

  • Karlos Marshall

    The Conscious Connect, Inc.
    Springfield, OH

    Karlos L. Marshall has been recognized globally as a social entrepreneur at the intersection of urban literacy, neighborhood revitalization, and economic redevelopment. He has received the following recognitions: Forbes 30 Under 30, United States Library of Congress Literacy Awards, International Literacy Association 30 Under 30, and OpenIDEO Innovation Prize.

  • Matt Martin

    Trumbull Neighborhood Partnership
    Warren, OH

    Matt Martin has been the Executive Director of Trumbull Neighborhood Partnership (TNP) since its launch in 2010. TNP manages the Trumbull County Land Bank and focuses on housing, food access, and community organizing in Warren, Ohio. A Cleveland native, he has a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies and a Master of Arts in Environmental Studies, both from Cleveland State University’s Levin College of Urban Affairs.

  • Alec Martinez

    Red Wing
    Laredo, TX

    Alec Martinez is an urbanist from the border city of Laredo, Texas. He has worked on award-winning comprehensive plans, urban agriculture ordinances, safe street initiatives, and all manner of advocacy and activism. He currently organizes through Texas-Mexico border based Red Wing, which is currently creating mutual aid networks for COVID-19 relief. Alec is an Urban & Regional Studies graduate from Cornell University and a Truman Scholar. He sits on the board of NASCO and believes in working towards cooperative community ownership of the means of production.

  • Abigail Moriah

    the Black Planning project | Mentorship Initiative for Indigenous and Planners of Colour

    Abigail is an urban planner specializing in affordable housing development. Committed to inclusion in planning, she recently launched the Black Planning Project and MIIPOC a mentoring initiative with early career IBPOC planning professionals, to promote and encourage dialogue amongst racialized planners and contribute to new knowledge and practice from these perspectives.

  • Kate Musselwhite Tobey

    Musician and Creative Director
    Greensboro, NC

    Kate is a musician, storyteller and creative director. She has 10+ years of experience working in journalism, creative production, design and music—from leading video and emerging platforms production at The Washington Post, to building an award-winning creative content studio, to designing innovative experiences in wellbeing and the creative arts.

  • Alyssa Nelson

    City of Salisbury
    Salisbury, NC

    Alyssa is an urban design planner for the City of Salisbury, North Carolina. She works on long range community design projects to improve the quality of life and vibrancy of Salisbury, including the City’s annual BlockWork program, sculpture show, and various placemaking projects. Alyssa holds a Masters in Architecture and a Masters in Urban Design from UNC Charlotte and a Bachelor of Art from Franklin Pierce University.

  • Jane Nicholson

    Environmental Design Research
    Cazenovia, NY

    Jane Nicholson is a Planning Senior Project Manager with EDR in Syracuse, NY, where she focuses on long-range planning and resiliency. As a Certified Planner and Flooodplain Manager, she is passionate about creating strong communities through holistic, nature-based designs, and better understanding the relationship between people and the environment.

  • Nydia Parries

    Philadelphia, PA

    Parries has previously worked as a community organizer, program director, and a management consultant serving Public Housing Authorities around the country. She is passionate about transforming formerly redlined neighborhoods and serving the families who live in them.

  • Samantha Porter

    Community Engagement Advisor and Outreach Manager, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
    Philadelphia, PA

    Samantha currently serves as the Community Engagement Advisor and Outreach Manager at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia. Previously, she worked in the Mayor’s Policy Office for the City of Philadelphia. Through the lens of a practitioner, Samantha offers a blend of theory and practice in policy and community development, and she is passionate about applying a racial equity lens to this work.

  • Afif Rahman

    NuWatt Energy
    Washington, DC

    Afif Rahman is the Chief Operating Officer of NuWatt Energy, a leading solar power provider in the US. He is a firm advocate of complementing civic and political efforts with capital mobilization, asset ownership, and enterprise growth in underserved communities to bridge longstanding opportunity gaps and catalyze greater social equity. Afif is also the founder of KnowCap, an investment research firm and digital media platform exploring strategic solutions to issues at the intersection economics, finance, and impact.

  • Mary Quinn Ramer

    Lexington, KY

    Mary Quinn Ramer is President of VisitLEX, where she oversees all administrative, marketing and convention activities for Lexington, KY. Ramer has leveraged 20 years of tourism, marketing communications, and event planning experience to raise Lexington’s national profile while celebrating forgotten histories and telling untold stories.

  • Emily Scott

    Local Initiatives Support Corporation
    Indianapolis, IN

    Emily Scott is a Senior Program Officer at Local Initiatives Support Corporation, Indianapolis where she works with community partners on inclusive economic development initiatives related to entrepreneurship, corridor revitalization and capacity building. Emily has a B.A. in political science and M.A in Public Affairs.

  • Anais Tangie

    A.T. Connections
    Costa Mesa, CA

    Curator of commercial communities, connector of creative Clients, and enabler of economic developments, supported by locals. 10 years as a Real Estate Consultant, City strategist, and Community communicator, with a vetted network of A.T. Connections.

  • Jessica Thorpe

    DAVID RUBIN Land Collective
    Indianapolis, IN

    Jessica is a planner and urban designer versed in bridging the divide between policy and design. She works with municipalities and other public sector clients, helping them demonstrate leadership through inclusive, sustainable, fiscally and economically resilient strategies for the built environment that reflect the voices of the communities they serve.

  • Dillon Tyler

    International Civil Rights Center & Museum
    Greensboro, NC

    Dillon Tyler currently serves with the International Civil Rights Center & Museum and is currently a 2020 Fellow of the New Leaders Council. His work intersects social justice and coalition-building in the public and private sectors. Dillon holds a B.A. in Political Science (Pre-Law) from UNC Greensboro.

  • Roodline Volcy

    Director of Peer Advancement
    Greensboro, NC

    Roodline Volcy is Director of Peer Advancement at Seed Commons. There, she leads onboarding and development of new and existing peer members and she designs systems for sustainable organizational growth rooted in equity. Roodline is the former Events and Trainings Manager and an instructor in the School for Democratic Management at Democracy at Work Institute. She led trainings both domestically and internationally in cooperative development and democratic management for worker owners, developers, and allies. Roodline also organized multiple worker cooperative national conferences, each varied in scope and sophistication. She is the former Board Chair of the Renaissance Community Cooperative and a current Board member of the North Carolina Employee Ownership Center.

  • Shehara Waas

    Metropolitan Planning Council
    Chicago, IL

    Shehara Waas is a queer, disabled, woman of color, and mixed methods policy researcher. With a background in environmental justice and an interest in community development, Shehara seeks to center community voice in the way policy research is conducted. She is the Research Manager of the Chicago-based Metropolitan Planning Council.

  • Heather Williams

    Ball State University
    Muncie, IN

    Heather works directly with neighborhood associations to help build capacity and make connections with Ball State University faculty, staff, students, and programs. She is also actively involved in local housing issues and in her professional and non-profit work, Heather advocates for strong neighborhoods, safe – affordable housing, and sustainable living.

  • Richard Young

    Lexington, KY

    Richard Young is a Kentuckian and an artist working in the field of civic practice. He runs a nonprofit civic education and media organization in Lexington called CivicLex and works to co-create a future for both rural and urban Kentucky through the Kentucky Rural-Urban Exchange.

  • Snoweria Zhang

    Sidewalk Labs
    New York, NY

    Snoweria is a designer, artist, and mathematician. Her work spans architecture, urbanism, computation, and technology. Her design was recently featured on the cover of Nature. She also draws a webcomic called Lonesome Whales.

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