Next City Informs an Equitable Future; Can We Depend on You?


Next City 2021 Vanguards in Greensboro, North Carolina. Photo by Betsy Blake Photography.

Let’s get back to normal. You’ve probably heard that more than a few times as we continue navigating life in an evolving pandemic. But the normal in The Before Times wasn’t so great for far too many people and communities. A return to that normality means embracing deep inequity and injustice as tolerable features of city life and city-building practice. That is unacceptable.

It’s not a return to normal that we should desire or work toward. Instead — especially as community changemakers — we should chart a course for a future that is equitable, just, and humane. Our team at Next City — board and staff — have spent the last several months thinking about that future and articulating our role in helping to shape it. Today we’re sharing a new strategic plan that boldly affirms our commitment to the diverse changemakers, like you, who are working to liberate our cities from oppression and to the high-quality solutions journalism essential for informing that work.

Will you help Next City fulfill its mission?

Long before I joined the Next City board, I relied upon their reporting and supported their work as a sustaining donor. I’m encouraging you to do the same. Why? Because Next City’s values — justice, honesty, openness, humanity, and connection — inform every article and program they produce as well as the way Next City operates as a non-profit newsroom. With its unique perspective, Next City is doing critical work to share the real stories and workable ideas that are helping to move our communities toward justice and equity now and in the future.

Next City needs your support to advance our mission and you can start by helping us to meet our end-of-year goal. To amplify your support, the Next City board, including myself, stepped in and committed to matching the first $1,000 Next City raises today.

If you donate at least $60 — or pledge $10 a month — you can pick from a copy of “Know Your Price” by fellow board member Andre Perry or a Next City T-shirt as a thank-you gift. But if you can contribute more, please do. Everyone who makes a donation in 2021 will also get our Solutions of the Year magazine.

Take a moment to support Next City and double your impact by donating now. The board will match your donation, but you have to donate today.

Thanks for your support.

Lynn M. RossSincerely,
Lynn M. Ross
Founder, Spirit for Change Consulting
Board Member, Next City

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At a time when cities face rampant inequality and urgent challenges, Next City’s work as a nonprofit is critical: by spreading real stories and workable ideas from one city to the next, we connect people, places and solutions that move our society toward justice and equity.

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